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Mosquito Control in Duluth GA and all of Atlanta!

Mosquito Control in Duluth Ga, Suwanee Ga, Buford GA and other Pest Control Services Enjoying a nice summer afternoon by your pool but about to run for cover because the sun is fading and mosquitos are taking over?  Take a few...

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Scary Mosquito Facts

In the U.S. it’s estimated that mosquitoes drain 1.6 million gallons of blood from us every year.  That’s equivalent to 4 million blood transfusions. Beware the full moon.  Studies have shown that mosquito biting activity increases by as much as 500% during a full...

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IPM (Integrated Pest Management

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Gwinnett County, GA What does IPM stand for and what exactly does it mean?  Integrated Pest Management is what IPM stands for: IPM is a way of servicing homes in the pest control industry.  It doesn’t rely just on chemical to control...

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Mosquitoes in Cumming

Are you at the lake trying to enjoy a relaxing weekend but those dang pesky mosquitos and no see ems won’t leave you alone?  There are a few things you can do on a regular basis to help reduce the population.  Keep the leaf debris to a minimum as much as possible. ...

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Alpharetta Barn Flies

Out at the stable enjoying time with your horses but the Flies are driving you crazy? There are a few things you can do to help reduce issue. Make sure that manure is cleaned out on a daily basis, and 2 times a day is best. A good cross breeze through the stables will...

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Wildlife Fun Facts

Wildlife Fun Facts Did you Know...? Squirrels alone cause on average 30,000 house fires a year in the U.S. from chewing on the electric wires. Peanut butter is extremely effective as a bait for rodents. Once a squirrel is trapped, they must be released at least 5...

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